• Cover story

    Networking for better healthcare

    All around the world, pharmaceutical researchers and patients are united by a huge mission: the search for powerful treatments capable of prolonging life. Bayer experts are therefore cooperating with top scientists from around the globe.

  • Canola

    Strong seed pods

    Canola seed pods contain a valuable freight. However, if the seed pods open prematurely in the field, many of the seeds end up on the ground. Researchers at Bayer CropScience have now developed a variety of canola with especially robust seed pods.

  • Solar Impulse

    Flying laboratory

    Materials engineers develop many of their ideas initially for the aviation industry, but in doing so also stimulate advancements in numerous other sectors, such as automotive. Premium materials from Bayer MaterialScience provide for greater efficiency in these applications.

  • Special feature

    Molecular gatekeepers

    The cells in the bodies of humans and animals communicate with each other by means of electrical and chemical signals. The most important elements in the information cascade are ion channels. These protein molecules are therefore potential targets for new drug products, but also for insecticides and parasiticides.



July 18, 2014
Not intended for U.S. and UK Media - Aflibercept solution for injection into the eye:

Two-Year Results From Phase 3 Trial Show Sustained Improvement in Vision for People with Diabetic Macular Edema more

June 23, 2014
David Nicholson to leave Bayer CropScience

Adrian Percy announced as New Head of Research and Development more

Portrait Prof. Stasch

Portrait Prof. Stasch

A pioneer in the service of patients

The chemist and pharmacologist helps with his self-developed drug product patients suffering from the severe condition of pulmonary hypertension. more

Infographic Download

Science at a glance

The infographics in research make complicated scientific processes easy to understand, and are available as downloads for use in presentations.


Interview with Kemal Malik

Kemal Malik

“Freedom to innovate”

“Without science – that is to say, without research and development – we will not be able to meet the challenges currently facing our planet.”

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