• Cover story

    Medicine of the future

    Cardiovascular diseases and cancer are two of the most common causes of death worldwide. Bayer scientists are working on new, targeted therapies in both areas to ensure that patients can be treated more effectively in future.

  • Biological Crop Protection

    Symbiosis in crop protection

    Biologicals are gaining increasing acceptance from farmers worldwide as a fundamental part of crop protection: biological crop protection agents offer highly targeted ways of controlling pests and diseases, and provide new resistance management strategies.

  • Wind power

    Plastics for giant rotor blades

    Wind turbines are getting more powerful all the time, but also larger and more complex. Experts from Bayer MaterialScience are now developing new material solutions at the Wind Energy Competence Center in Denmark to cut costs and cycle times in wind turbine manufacturing.

  • Bayer Foundations

    Committed to progress

    Innovations stem from knowledge and creativity – and are developed by clever minds. This is why Bayer actively promotes education and science all around the world. One example is the Bayer Science & Education Foundation’s scholarships and awards.


Blickpunkt: Gerinnungshelfer im Fokus

Blickpunkt: Gerinnungshelfer im Fokus

Die Blutgerinnung ist ein komplexer Prozess – und ein Spezialgebiet der Bayer-Wissenschaftler. more

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Multimedia “research”

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Dr. Prof. Plischke

“Innovation needs calculated leaps into the unknown”

What started as a small dye factory in what is now the Barmen district of Wuppertal has since developed into a global enterprise with more than 110,000 employees. 

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