• Cover Story

    Revolution in the Plant Kingdom

    Enormous harvest losses all over the world are caused by tiny pests – nematodes that often go unnoticed as they drain crop roots of essential nutrients and open the doors to other pathogens that damage those roots.

  • Cancer Research

    Tumor Screening in 3D

    The purpose of chemotherapy is to destroy all cancer cells in the body and heal the patient. Using a process known as 3D tumor screening, Bayer researchers are heading in a new direction in the hunt for active substances that may be able to supplement conventional therapies and make them more effective.

  • Bees

    Healthy Pollinators for High-Quality Harvests

    Many of nature’s workers help farmers around the globe to provide an adequate supply of food to the growing global population: honey bees and other pollinating insects are indispensable to agriculture, but they are impacted by a number of negative factors.


    Magic Materials

    Whether in a handbag, jacket or shoes, today’s textiles must be both durable and comfortable. Such demands can only be fulfilled with the help of innovative coatings. Specialists at Bayer MaterialScience have now developed a technology for manufacturing water-based synthetic leather.



March 24, 2015
Not intended for U.S. and UK Media - 62nd Annual Scientific Meeting of Society for Reproductive Investigation (SRI)

Bayer to present new preclinical, early clinical and epidemiological data on advancing portfolio in gynecological therapies more

March 11, 2015
Not intended for U.S. and UK Media - World Congress of Nephrology 2015:

Bayer to Present Latest Clinical Data in the Area of Kidney Diseases more

February 25, 2015
Award presented by the Bayer Science & Education Foundation:

Bayer Thrombosis Research Award 2015 goes to Dr. Markus Bender more

Keeping an Eye on the big Picture

Keeping an Eye on the big Picture

Keeping an Eye on the big Picture

“And I now know that the development and registration of new crop protection agents requires nearly as much patience as the research.” more


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The Protein Engineers

The Protein Engineers

Bayer scientists are working in interdisciplinary teams to search for new targets for active substances or diagnostic options. Synergies in medical and crop protection research result in completely new approaches, from the design of therapeutic antibodies to improved production of new crop protection products.