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Plant breeding

Plant breeding

The website of the German Plant Breeders’ Association (BDP) provides background information on breeding methods and research objectives.

Plant biotechnology

The GMO Compass provides information about general breeding targets, genetically modified plants and field trials.

Biological plant safety

These websites offer background information on biological safety research into genetically modified plants and uses videos to graphically illustrate current research projects.

Biotechnology methods

The Internet website of the European Association for Bioindustries contains general information about biotechnology methods, studies and statistical materials.

Biotechnology in agriculture

The Council for Biotechnology Information provides fact sheets and background information on biotechnology in agriculture.

Green biotechnology

The Internet website of the International Service for the Acquisition of Agribiotech Applications (ISAAA) provides brochures, booklets and videos on biotech topics.


Plant clinic

The Cornell University (USA) online diagnosis clinic for plant diseases features detailed descriptions of fungal and other diseases.

Fungal plant diseases

The Internet website of the French National Institute for Agricultural Research provides specialist information on fungal plant diseases.

Crop protection topics

The homepage of the European Crop Protection Association has general information on crop protection topics and agricultural technology.


The Internet website of CropLife International provides brochures, fact sheets and profiles of farmers from various countries.

Healthy crops

The topic portals of the German Federal Research Centre for Cultivated Plants (Julius Kühn Institute) feature databases and background material on the topic of plant health.


Corn growing

The Cereal Knowledge Bank provides information on corn growing and harvesting and seed quality.


Lighting applications

The website of the European Technology Platform for photonics – Photonics 21 – contains informational material on the development of lighting applications in a variety of areas.

Function of OLEDs

The video from the Fraunhofer Institute graphically shows how organic light-emitting diodes function and how they are manufactured.

Room lighting

This video from Osram, recorded at the Light+Building 2010 exhibition, shows how room lighting with OLEDs works.

Light facts

The “Fördergemeinschaft Gutes Licht” provides general information on the subject of light and lighting.

Light and energy

The Deutsche Lichttechnische Gesellschaft offers brochures in both English and German on the topic of “Climate Change and Energy Efficiency – Consequences for Incandescent Lamps.”


Heart disease

The World Heart Federation provides international facts and comprehensive background information on heart disease.

Development of stents

This historical article about Dr. Charles Stent reports on the development of the materials used in the technology named after him.

Stent operation

This informative surgery video (in German) shows how a heart catheter examination is conducted and a stent is implanted.


Cancer disorders

The National Cancer Institute of the U.S. National Institutes of Health (NIH) answers many questions about targeted treatment and also provides information about approved medicines and current clinical trials.

Immune system

Detailed information about the human immune system is available on the website of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID).

Immune response

This brief animated video explains the function of antibodies, an important part of the immune response.


This animated video shows the chemical composition and structure of an antibody.


Prostate cancer

The website of the American Cancer Society provides information on prostate cancer and its diagnosis and treatment.

Bone metastasis

The American Cancer Society has compiled information on the topic of bone metastasis.


The German Cancer Research Center provides extensive background material on tumors, the development of treatments and research findings.

Other forms of cancer

General information, international statistics and publications about cancer can be found on the website of the World Health Organization (WHO).


Diabetes worldwide

The Internet website of the International Diabetes Federation provides background information and statistics about the disorder.

World Diabetes Day

The World Diabetes Day website features dates, fact sheets and informational material about diabetes.

Nutrition and research

The American Diabetes Association provides information about living with the disorder, dietary tips and research news.

Diabetes research

The Alliance for European Diabetes Research is an alliance of pharmaceutical companies and non-governmental organizations and provides information on research projects and activities in Europe.

Fox tapeworm


The Robert Koch Institute has put together a list of links and informational material on the topic of echinococcosis.

Women’s health


This information portal offers background information on endometriosis, patient brochures and contact to experts.


This global information platform contains informational material for patients and serves as a forum for interest groups, scientists and doctors.

Female cycle

Zürich University’s Internet website contains an animated feature on the female cycle.


The website of the Global Library of Women’s Medicine contains a comprehensive list of links to topics concerning women’s health and informational materials.


Intrauterine systems

Patient information on intrauterine systems such as Mirena.

Contraceptive methods

The UK National Health Service (NHS) website has a video interview on choosing the right form of contraception.

Hormonal systems

The Hormone Foundation provides informational material on the human endocrine system and the interaction of hormones.


Professor Tonelli’s research group

On her homepage, Professor Chiara Tonelli talks about her scientific work at Milan University.

Agricultural research

The Consultive Group of International Agricultural Research (CGIAR) website provides informational material on agricultural research projects.

Plant stress

Further information on the topic of plants under stress can be found at the following website.

Biotechnology in agriculture

The Council for Biotechnology Information (CBI) provides background information on the use of biotechnology in agriculture.


Future Prize

The Internet website of the Deutscher Zukunftspreis provides background information on the 2009 award-winner Xarelto and thrombosis.


Information on blood coagulation and thrombosis risks can be found on this medical website.


The website of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) contains information on the various forms of impaired circulation.



This Bayer HealthCare Pharmaceuticals website offers more in-depth information on thrombosis.

Coagulation disorders

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) website offers information on deep-vein thrombosis along with data and statistics.

Blood coagulation

The website of the National Heart Lung and Blood Institute contains background information on thrombosis prevention and an animation showing how blood clots occur.

Venous thrombosis animation

This animated video shows how blood clots can develop in veins.