Innovation Talk at Bayer

Today, we grow much older than our ancestors did– thanks to potent and affordable medicine. For more than 150 years, Bayer has contributed to longer and healthier lives, with pioneering developments in science and technology. And there are plenty of innovations still to come. research talked to Kemal Malik, Board Spokesman for Innovation at Bayer, and Dr. Monika Lessl, Head of Strategic Innovations.

Part 1: “Innovation makes us live longer and better” 

Cars, internet, smartphones – technical innovations have changed life significantly. Likewise, medical research is evolving rapidly. Thanks to Genome Editing, some formerly incurable diseases can now be treated or even healed completely.

Part 2: “Innovation at Bayer means understanding customers better”

Agriculture is changing. Thanks to digital innovation, factory farming could come to an end. In the future, instead of focusing primarily on mass production, farmers will concentrate more on crop quality. Computer simulations will help to improve crop-growing conditions.

Part 3: “Bayer gives people time to innovate and is tolerant of failure”

Good ideas need time and space. Creating the right environment to foster them is not always easy – especially in a multinational company with 100,000 employees. “What is important is having the right goal,” says Kemal Malik, Board Spokesman for Innovation at Bayer in our innovation talk.

Part 4: “The right organizational structure translates an idea into an innovation”

As a concept evolves from an idea to innovation, several masterminds contribute along the way. In the past, companies tried to hide their research, whereas today they are looking for know-how from outside. Bayer has established a pioneering open-innovation platform to collaborate with external partners.

Part 5: “Every employee is playing an acive role in the innovation journey” 

It is not only scientists creating innovations. Each one of Bayer’s 100.000 employees can contribute his part to new ideas and developments.