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Biological crop protection

Bacteria specialists

The experts in breeding bacteria for biological crop protection are from Davis, California:

IBMA (International Biocontrol Manufacturers Association)

The latest updates on biological crop protection products:

BPIA (Bio Products Industry Alliance)

Information material on the subject of biologics:


Antibody-drug conjugates:

The molecule pairs are targeted weapons against cancer:

Biologics in Germany:

The Association of Research-Based Pharmaceutical Companies (vfa) summarizes the economic status of biologics in Germany:

Cancer diagnostic


Video: explanation of the PI3K signaling pathway:


Information on the cooperation partner Inostics and DNA tests can be found on the company’s website.


Information on the cooperation partner Qiagen can be found on the company’s website.

Translational Oncology Network

Information on research at the University Hospital in Singapore:

Information on the National University of Singapore:

Bayer oncology tool:

Cancer vaccine

Cancer immunotherapies

The eminent journal Nature explains four types of cancer immunotherapy:

Cancer stem cells/Oncomed


Further information on Bayer’s cooperation partner Oncomed:

Comprehensive Cancer Center

A University of Michigan information portal provides research knowledge on the still new topic of “cancer stem cells”.



IVW GmbH develops composites with thermoplastics and thermosets, and publishes information on the latest research projects:


Problem and solution

Information from the Angiogenesis Foundation on macular degeneration and its treatment:


Inventive spirit in the classroom

With its school support program, the Bayer Science & Education Foundation helps teachers at schools near Bayer’s German sites take their inventive spirit into the classroom:

Tailored scholarships

The Bayer Science & Education Foundation supports talented young individuals in Germany and other countries with tailored scholarships:

Cutting-edge research with potential for the future

The Bayer Science & Education Foundation presents awards to scientists and talented young individuals for pioneering achievements in the fields of science, technology and medicine:

Voluntary social commitment

The Bayer Cares Foundation supports people who overcome social challenges with voluntary projects in the communities surrounding the company’s sites:


Development pipeline:

See how Bayer explains all that is involved in the development of a drug:

Renal anemia:

On the internet pages of the National Kidney and Urologic Diseases Information Clearinghouse, there is an overview of renal anemia and EPO:

Laser sintering


The process is described in detail on the Materialise website:

3D printing

Even archaeologists can use 3D printers:

Lehmann & Voss & Co.

More information on the thermoplastic materials from Lehmann & Voss & Co.

Thermoplastic polyurethanes

Interactive map of polyurethane applications:


European Crop Protection

The European Crop Protection website contains information about modern farming, environmental protection and plant health.


CropLife is a worldwide crop protection association providing publications, data and facts about crops and pest control.

Environmental Protection Agency

The United States Environmental Protection Agency collates information and fact sheets about crop protection products.


Beneficial Bean

The National Soybean Research Laboratory in Illinois, USA, lists the benefits oft he soybean:

Die American Soybean Association looks out fort he best interests of U.S. soybean growers:

Soy Research

The Plant Management Network gathers scientific findings and news in soy research:

Corn and Soy

The magazine Corn&SoybeanDigest informs about both crops:

Useful Plant Oil

Informations about soy bean oil and its uses:

Special feature

Global activities

Bayer's website provides an overview of the numerous global events held to celebrate the anniversary:

The airship

Impressions and information about the airship and its tour to mark the anniversary year:

The anniversary song

Employees from 50 countries recorded their versions of "A better life".

Video of the anniversary celebration

Bayer AG commemorated the 150th anniversary of the company's founding at an anniversary celebration.

150 Years of Bayer

More information and an interactive timeline to mark the company's anniversary.


Information on sugarcane

The Brazilian Sugarcane Industry Association (UNICA) and the Brazilian Trade and Investment Promotion Agency (ApexBrasil) provide a comprehensive overview of sugarcane and its products.


The Brazilian Sugarcane Industry Association (UNICA) is the largest organization of sugar, ethanol and bioelectricity producers in Brazil.



The World Health Organization supplies information, data and facts about tuberculosis, as well as multimedia material

Stop TB Partnership

The website of the Stop TB Partnership contains fact sheets, country profiles and films about tuberculosis.

Wind power

Fraunhofer Institute

The website of the Fraunhofer Institute for Wind Energy and Energy System Technology (IWES) provides information on current research topics in wind energy:


The Danish Wind Industry Association's (DWIA) website offers a wide range of statistics and publications.


DEWI consultants provide information on current research projects relating to the wind market: