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    Targeted Treatment of Cancer and Cardiovascular Diseases

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    Cancer requires individualized treatment strategies, because each tumor is different. For this reason, every biopsy specimen undergoes specific analysis, like the one being examined here by Bayer research scientist Kirsten Steiner-Hahn. Only after precise characterization of the cancer tissue can doctors identify the appropriate active ingredients and best targeted treatment for the patient. A sound diagnosis is the precondition for effective cancer treatment.

Cardiovascular diseases and cancer are two of the most common causes of death worldwide. Bayer scientists are working on new, targeted therapies in both areas to ensure that patients can be treated more effectively in future. In the case of heart patients with kidney failure, for example, they are looking at the interactions between the heart and the kidneys to develop new active ingredients that protect both organs at the same time. In tumor therapy, too, therapeutic approaches can now be tailored more precisely to the needs of the individual patient thanks to personalized medicine. Researchers at BayerHealthCare want to collaborate with partners to develop a specific diagnostic test for each new targeted therapy so that in the future every patient should receive treatment that is optimally suited to his or her clinical picture.

Part 1

Better Living with Cancer

Besser leben mit Krebs

Researchers at Bayer HealthCare are focusing on developing cancer drugs directed at the specific targets that are responsible for the malignant behavior of tumor cells. In parallel, they are working with partners to develop specific diagnostic tests that can identify the presence of these targets in an individual patient’s tumor. Their goal is to advance more targeted therapies with companion diagnostics so that in the future each cancer patient can receive the treatment that is best suited to his or her disease.

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Part 2

Dual Protection

Schutz im Doppelpack

A weak heart damages the kidneys – and weak kidneys damage the heart. Successful treatments therefore have to incorporate several strategies. With new substances currently under development, researchers atBayer HealthCare are now protecting both organs at the same time.

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