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    Loreta Matta and Danilo Oliveira (left to right) from Bayer CropScience inspect soybean plants under the Brazilian sun.

Brazil is a country of many challenges. Its different climate zones pose plenty of problems for farmers: while in southern Brazil, plants have to ripen quickly to avoid harvest losses due to frost, very different problems apply in the hot, dry interior of the country, and the tropical regions in the midwest are particularly strongly affected by insect pests and diseases. BayerCropScience researchers are therefore developing new, specially adapted varieties and crop protection agents and thus contributing to the success of champion soybean producer Brazil.

Bernard Pelissier und Emanuelle Serillon-Bert

In Lyon in France, Bernard Pelissier and Emanuelle Serillon-Bert (left to right) are working on producing herbicide-resistant soybean plants and ways of protecting them against voracious insect pests.

29 million

hectares of land in Brazil are covered by soy fields.

Research in the Brazilian Soy Fields